nce upon a time, where the land of Swabhumi now stands, was an enchanted hillock. And in that hillock there was a palace where lived the Happy Prince.

Prince Khushi, as he was called, had the magic power of never growing old and never feeling depressed and lonely. It was a special gift given to him the moment he was born by a pale yellow moonbeam. So that even during the day, when you couldn’t see the moon’s allure, it worked! When Prince Khushi was hardly eight years old his mother died. The old King married again within a few years. The nasty new Maharani decided to banish Prince Khushi from the kingdom. The old King, besotted by his new consort, told his son that he had decided to grant him a barren hillock where he could go and seek his fortune. A barren hillock! What was poor Prince Khushi to do? But to be a loyal son and please his father, he left the kingdom on his horse, accompanied by a handful of his devoted courtiers. Little did he know then that the faithful moonbeam followed him!

The fantastic boon not only anointed him at times of difficulty but it also touched all that he walked upon and saw. So the barren hillock, within the short span of a year, became rich with bounty, the trees became golden with never-ending fruits and the birds that flew over the garden felt a special joy. The lines of sorrow creasing the Prince’s brows disappeared and he decided that he would, in his own domain, banish sadness forever.

He always believed that people had the option to do different things that made them cheerful. The subjects of Prince Khushi were never at a loss to do varied jobs and enjoy themselves.

Prince Khushi had a soft spot for things that were beautiful. In his travels he had met a wise old architect who lived in a cave. Prince Khushi invited him to build his fabled palace and breathe into it a special alchemy that held the world spellbound…




Site & Location - Key Drivers Of Success

The site is ideally located on the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass (opp. Salt Lake Stadium), the main arterial read of the city and on the way to the airport. It is 4 krns. from the Park Circus connector and 30 minutes away from the heart of the City .

The Site is the "icing on the cake" as far as this development is concerned. The natural "hillock" ( the only site in the whole of the city with a natural hillock) creates a certain ambience to the site. If there is natural beauty and undulating landscape, lush greenery, quite & sylvan surroundings on one side, it is flanked by the Subhash Sarovar lake on the other. There are plenty of trees already at the site, adding to the ambience. The site is ideal to induce the Kolkatan to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Lot of commercial developments have been proposed within the radius of 2-3 kms. from the site. Two five-star hotels, Kolkata Stock Exchange, extension of Nicco Park etc. are proposed to come up in the vicinity .The next few years will see the EM Bypass becoming one of the major axes of development in Kolkata. Proximity to Salt Lake, one of the largest residential areas in Kolkata is also an added advantage. Go Top


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